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Education Counselling

We provide outstanding career counseling services. Deciding to study abroad is tough if you find no one to counsel you according to your interests and aptitude. Not just a career path, selecting the country and university, along with the study program, are the most difficult decisions to make, as studying abroad requires a good investment of time and money. Whether you are puzzled about selecting the right university or course program, Thimic Global Resources has got you covered. Our expert counselors meet the students and guide them thoroughly down the right career path matching their skills and talents. Our counselors are qualified to help you make critical career decisions.

University Placement

Thimic Global Resources assists in securing admission to your dream university. Getting admission to a university abroad is not easy, but we ensure that you pass through this stage hassle-free. Our educational consultants value each of our students and provide complete assistance to all of them. We ensure that your application shows your strengths and best qualities, so that your chances of getting admission increase. Experts assist our students in preparing the Statement of Purpose (SOP) and Letter of Recommendation (LOR). We are in contact with universities so we can easily keep track of your application status, which results in a quick admission process. We help you secure admission to diploma, undergraduate, and postgraduate programs.

university placement
visa application

Visa Application

Visa processing assistance makes the admission process convenient. At Thimic Global Resources, we believe in making every step hassle-free for our students. For this purpose, we have maintained strong contacts with various international immigration advisers who help our students thoroughly. We have a team of expert professionals to perform the visa process. Also, at  TGR, we go the extra mile to ensure a seamless transition for our students. We provide comprehensive assistance with flight ticket booking and travel arrangements, ensuring you arrive at your destination ready to embark on your educational journey with confidence and peace of mind.


We arrange safe and suitable accommodation. Studying abroad brings a challenging task: finding safe and peaceful accommodation. With a long list of accommodation partners, we can assist you in selecting the place that you think is suitable according to your requirements. Whether you are looking for private accommodation or with a group, we can provide you with options based on your choices. We understand that a comfortable and secure living environment is crucial for your academic success. Our accommodation services are designed to match you with the ideal housing options, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable transition to your new educational destination.

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student embassy registration

Embassy Registration

At Thimic Global Resources, your safety and compliance are our priorities when studying abroad. We guide you through the embassy registration process, ensuring you fulfill all necessary requirements. This vital step not only keeps you informed but also helps embassy officials provide you with assistance and support when needed. Rest assured, we’re here to make your international educational journey worry-free. This registration enables your embassy to assist you in case of emergencies, natural disasters, political unrest, or any other unforeseen circumstances. It’s a safety net that provides you with added security and support during your stay.


We recognize that education is not merely about coursework and exams; it’s a transformative journey of personal and intellectual growth. That’s why we are thrilled to introduce our comprehensive mentorship service, designed to empower students throughout their entire educational period. Each student is unique, with individual aspirations, strengths, and challenges. Our mentors work closely with you to understand your goals and tailor their guidance accordingly. Whether you’re aiming for academic excellence, career development, or personal growth, we create a customized mentorship plan that aligns with your vision.

education mentorship

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Our range of comprehensive services is designed to guide you through every step of your educational journey. With a focus on personalized attention, we offer expert career counseling services to help you make informed decisions about your academic path. Our commitment extends beyond academics; we assist in finding suitable accommodation, ensuring your comfort and convenience. Navigating the complexities of visa procedures is simplified with our dedicated visa services. From selecting the right institution to seamless admissions, Thimic Global Resources (TGR) is here to make your aspirations a reality.